Adulting is hard! Reward Yourself!
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We've added new products and stickers to our series!

We are growing at Yay-Me! We're excited to add 8 new sticker series to our line-up with 5 new Special Editions and 3 more to our regular line up! We've listened to our fans and have added 5 new special editions are geared to specific audiences - Teachers, Nurses, New Parents, Pregnancy and a special Cancer Support line. And now keep track of all those adulting tasks with our new to-do list notepad! Please have a look and find the products that just right for you!

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Yay-Me! The story...

As an "adult" we all have to face challenges, tasks, duties and so on that sometimes we just don't want to do, but we have to do. We sometimes secretly wish that we could be kids again with little to no responsibilities, play when we want to and just have fun all the time...but alas...that doesn't get to happen much. So what did I do...I created Yay-Me! It was my small attempt to have fun and reward myself and others..why not?! We're adults, we're still allowed to have fun, laugh, play...even for a brief moment. Live is meant to live...

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